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Why do the media (inclusive of Leicester Mercury) continue to publish abuse (that sometimes borders on hate mail), directed specifically at "public sector workers". Would such remarks about those in the "private sector" be published, I hope not. If some of these remarks where about other groups, they would not be just offensive but close to (if indeed not) breaking the law.

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officer or executive. Many of those working in the public services sector are not actually employed by those public services but have found they are better paid as individuals and can do as they wish without the same legal or moral restriction. Indeed that is one of the driving forces behind the contracting out of services and many individual have made a great deal of money at the taxpayers' expense.

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´╗┐Jobseekers' Allowance

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Whilst it cannot be denied that there is sometimes incompetence in the public sector there is plenty in the private sector. The oil industry, shipping, rail, banks just to men tion a few have cost taxpayers billion and between them killed millions.

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Like many during my working live I worked both for the private sector and public. Many of those in the public sector had come from the private sector and many left the public sector for the then better conditions and pay in the private sector. I myself found little difference between the two employers, more important was the classification of employment manual, technician supervisor, senior Hermes Evelyne Epsom

Choosing to criticise public sector employees en masse is in my opinion rather ridiculous to say the least. When you refer to paid sick leave and massive pensions, you really do need to do your homework first and seek the facts.

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On the issue of the so called golden pensions, some employees from private sector were quite open about drawing more from private sector pension of their last employer, than they could earn in their public sector employment. One often quoted reason for leaving the public sector was because employees felt they could not afford the low wag es, lack of security, perks and pension stoppages. Yes I did say lack of security it is utterly laughable that so many believe "public sector employees" have a job for life or that they cannot be dismissed on the whim of a politician or senior officer.

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Miu Miu Vitello Shine Tote

Miu Miu Vitello Shine Tote

With regard to sick pay and holidays same legal rules and regulations apply equally to private and "public" employees though it is more than apparent many do not know nor understand them.

No good trying to use Peter Soulsby as your ' whipping boy'. Why not try aiming your comments at David Cameron and his stooges ? It was he who last year while in the process of causing many thousands of public sector employees to become unemployed, declared that the private sector would provide new jobs ! Another of the many instances where he has shown himself not worthy of being listened to.

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Please don't tell me the private sector is not subsidize, it is constantly asking (if Hermes Constance Bag 18cm

strict rules on re employment, whereas private bodies have the freedom to make payments above but not below and seem able to re employ at will.

On the subject of redundancy payments, severance pay etc. most public bodies are not allowed to pay above the minimum amount required by law and have Hermes Kelly Cut

not demanding) government to provide more and more taxpayers money. Often this is open blackmail and governments are left with little alternatives. That was indeed why many were nationalised in the first place.

It is normal employees that usual take the blame and suffer the loss regardless of it being a private or public organisation. The banking system was private, who suffered and got the blame the workers for borrowing more than Miu Miu Vitello Shine Tote they could afford. Who gets the credit for any success the very same people that don't accept the blame when things wrong.

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